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April, World Autism Awareness Day

Since 2008, every year, April 2  has been designated as World Autism Awareness Day to raise awareness of autism and related research and diagnosis, as well as people with autism. This year is the 15th Autism Awareness Day, April 2, calling on us to take care of these children from the stars.


During the last two years, because of the Covid, the changed lifestyle has caused many sensitive children to encounter more difficulties. For example, long-term home life, lack of face-to-face campus learning and interaction, a treatment that was forced to stop due to the epidemic, etc...

















Now, the children are gradually returning to their pre-pandemic lives. Many new problems will be faced. Can the children adjust to school life? How can we help them make more friends and not be discriminated against and bullied by others? Will they never express their inner thoughts? Should a new treatment be started?

I hope that in April, everyone will pay more attention to our special children, provide them with a caring and encouraging environment, and have more understanding, more respect, more help, and less prejudice for them.

In April, Gifted People Services is committed to providing better services and assistance to more families with autism. The center will join forces with the Sophia Care Foundation to present the World Autism on April 2nd. The Sophia Fund was launched on Illness Awareness Day.

Each eligible family will have the opportunity to receive $300 in financial assistance for the treatment and empowerment of their child. The application period for the fund is April 2 to April 30.

Each family of eligible children with autism can receive a $300 grant by applying. A total of 100 places are open for this event. Interested families can apply by copying the link below:

Open the webpage and fill out the Sophia’s Fund Application 2021 form and send it to our email ( Families have the opportunity to receive financial assistance as long as the child meets the following conditions:

— under the age of 25

— With a doctor’s diagnosis — A family income below $80,000 is the promotion of Autism Care Month, and this event is only open to autistic patients.

Throughout the month, we focus on sharing stories and providing opportunities to increase understanding and acceptance of people with autism, fostering worldwide support. We are committed to creating a world where all people with autism can reach their full potential.















April 22, 2022, Let’s celebrate World Earth Day

World Earth Day, which falls on April 22 every year, is a festival specially set up for the world's environmental protection. It aims to raise the public's awareness of existing environmental problems and mobilize the public to participate in the environmental protection movement. Improve the overall environment of the earth through green and low-carbon life. Earth Day was launched in 1970 by Gaylord Nelson and Dennis Hayes.




















April 22 this year is the 53rd World Earth Day. Protecting the environment is closely related to everyone. Starting from this moment, everyone should be a practitioner and promoter of protecting the earth.

The theme of Earth Day 2022 is "Cherish the Earth and Harmonious Coexistence between Man and Nature".

This is also a very good opportunity to teach our children the natural knowledge of the earth and share the meaning of protecting the environment and protecting the earth. In this way, our children can establish the concept of environmental protection and the awareness of saving, and cherishing the earth with practical actions.

There is only one earth for human beings, how to cherish our blue home? These little things in life make it easy for us to add green to the earth. Don't hesitate any longer, take action!

Turn off the lights to save energy

Develop the habit of turning off the lights at will, and unplugging the power supply in time for unused electronic equipment, which can not only save power but also protect natural resources.

Garbage classification Turn waste into treasure

In recent years, garbage classification has been widely advocated, and we should also actively respond to it in our daily life, diverting waste for treatment, using existing manufacturing capacity, recycling recycled products, and turning waste into treasure.

Cherish the water source and start bit by bit

Save water and reuse it. For example, the first time you wash rice or wash vegetables, you can water the flowers; the water after washing your face and laundry can be left behind to wipe the floor, flush the toilet, etc.

Low carbon travel Energy saving and emission reduction

For low-carbon travel, choose public transportation such as buses, subways, and trams to save gasoline and reduce air pollution caused by vehicle exhaust emissions. When the weather is fine, you can also go for outdoor biking, walking, etc.

Save paper and refuse waste

Saving paper starts from a little bit, such as printing documents can be double-sided; using paper can be used on the reverse side; using paper rationally, and refusing to use excessively (such as tissue paper, toilet paper, etc.); putting a handkerchief in your clothes pocket to reduce the use of paper towels Wait.


Don't use disposable lunch boxes or disposable chopsticks, take fewer plastic shopping bags when you buy things, and bring your own shopping bags.

Afforestation, care for the environment

Afforestation can maintain water and soil, prevent wind and sand, prevent air and noise pollution, etc., and can greatly improve our ecological environment.

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