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The Sixteen-character Formula (in Chinese) For Health

In 2022, the epidemic prevention measures have been changed closely with the epidemic situation. Although everything has stabilized for the time being, people have a growing awareness of health management.


In addition to physical protection, wear masks, maintain a safe social distance, wash hands frequently, ventilate often, and do not get together or gather. A healthy lifestyle and boosting your immune system are also extremely important.

The Gifted People Services brings you how we should protect ourselves, improve our resistance, and maintain our health?

Remember the sixteen-character formula (in Chinese) for health:

Eating adequately; Living regularly; Peace of mind; Exercising regularly


Eating adequately

Moderate three meals a day, avoid overeating, and avoid high-sugar, fried, and high-salt foods. Nutritional balance. Pay more attention to the supplementation of vitamins and minerals, avoid the intake of meat, eggs, and milk, mainly vegetables and fruits, and supplement the corresponding nuts to ensure the diversity of the diet.

Living regularly

Daily life is often an important category of ancient Chinese health preservation, and it is an important way to strengthen the body and prolong life. Different organs can be protected at different times, thereby enhancing immunity. Many people have disrupted their daily biological clocks due to working from home and online classes. However, adequate sleep and a steady and regular routine can lead to better resistance.

Peace of mind

The lasting impact of the new crown is not only physical, but also psychological. I hope everyone will not panic, keep a positive attitude, face the epidemic, and face life. During times of stress, get in touch with nature or practice deep breathing. The moon is cloudy and sunny, and people have joys and sorrows. If you look at many things, life will be better.

Exercising regularly

Although due to the epidemic, conditions for many sports have been restricted. People are still close to nature, jogging, playing ball, or opting for some indoor exercise program, or can sunbathe in the backyard or deck. People enjoy nature's sunlight, air, water, and negative ions, and take in nutrients provided by nature. Oxygen and nutrients enter our cells and undergo oxidation reactions to generate energy to support human life activities. Get your body moving and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Cultivating good living habits and eating habits requires persistence. Start from now on bit by bit, and act quickly to have a healthy bo


16 Outdoor Activities for Spring Break

Keep everybody busy this Spring Break with fun activities for kids of all ages.

We’ve gathered up 16 projects, plans, ideas and more. No matter what the weather, it’s always fun to play outside.

Get active, explore nature or build some stuff.


















Active Play

  1. Go on an outdoor expedition! Make a field guide to document the trip.

  2. Make snowshoe or footprint art in the snow. Kids can plan an intricate design on paper and then stomp it in the snow.

  3. Go tobogganing at a local snowy hill.

  4. Create an obstacle course in your backyard or a nearby park.

Science And Nature

  1. Challenge your family’s senses. Ask kids to identify object using senses other than vision.

  2. Go birdwatching. Research the birds you might find in your area, then head outside and look for them.

  3. Collect and measure leaves or branches those kids find outside.

  4. Make a nature collection. If you have more than one kid, ask kids to compare their collections.

  5. Use sun-sensitive paper to make leaf or nature prints.

  6. Make backyard critter feeders with oranges, nuts, and dried fruits.

  7. Construct a weather shelter outside. Kids can decide what materials they want to use, then build a shelter that would protect them from rain, snow, wind, or sun.

Creative And Imaginative Play

  1. Plan a nature photo scavenger hunt. Make a list of things to take pictures of, then head out on a nature walk and snap photos.

  2. Put on an outdoor play, puppet show or dance performance.

  3. Gather up some pinecones and make rainbow ornaments.

  4. Use the weather to make art! Try snow painting or rain art.

  5. Build a pretend outdoor cafe. Kids can collect objects from nature and use them as “ingredients” to make fancy meals.



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