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8 Sensory-Friendly New Year’s Eve Ideas For Kids

Going out and celebrating New Year's Eve at somewhere other than home may be problematic for many kids with autism or sensory processing disorder due to overwhelming sensory input, new places, loud noises, disruptions to the regular routine, etc., that the party environment creates. So if you are looking for some sensory-friendly New Year's Eve ideas for kids and would prefer to stay home to celebrate, then try out one (or all!) of these simple ideas.

1. Celebrate At Noon Instead Of Midnight

Many kids with autism have sleep issues. So if staying up until midnight would disrupt your child's bedtime routine, then try celebrating at noon instead of midnight. Or try celebrating midnight in a different time zone! You could even try ringing in the new year multiple times by hopping through the different time zones.











2. Make A New Year's Themed Sensory Bin Or Sensory Bottle

Playing with a sensory bin can be calming for kids who get overwhelmed by sensory input, so try making a New Year's eve themed sensory bin filled with confetti, party streamers, balloons, party blowers, glow sticks or whatever else your kids might enjoy. Or make a calm-down sensory bottle using water mixed with glitter or confetti.

3. Set Up A Balloon Or Confetti Drop

Create your own balloon or confetti drop version of the ball drop to celebrate the new year. For a quick and simple idea, fill a drawstring garbage bag with balloons or confetti and pull the drawstrings closed. I personally would cut up large pieces of party streamers to make my own confetti instead of using regular confetti. Or save the ribbons, bows, and tissue paper from Christmas morning to fill the bag.

Next, hang the bag upside down from the ceiling and then start your countdown. When you reach the end of your countdown, open up the bag and let the balloons or confetti fall down on your kids.

4. Make Or Decorate Party Hats

Celebrate New Year's Eve by making and/or decorating your own party hats. They're a much quieter alternative to celebrating with party blowers

5. Watch Videos Of Fireworks

Instead of watching real fireworks on New Year's Eve, watch videos of fireworks. That way you can control the volume of the fireworks.












6. Cuddle Up With A Weighted Blanket For A Family Movie Night

If you want to skip the traditional festivities altogether and avoid loud outside noise from fireworks and other distractions, consider having a calm night with the family by making it a movie night.Weighted blankets provide calming deep pressure and proprioceptive sensory input. So cuddle up and watch your kids' favorite movie as a simple way to ring in the new year. Be sure to pair it with some popcorn to sneak in some oral motor sensory input as well!

7. Plan A Family Board Game Night

Playing board games together is a perfect way to work on social skills, so spend New Year's Eve playing your kids' favorite board games.

8. Dress Up And Have A Dance Party

If you have active kids that need to move and wiggle, then have a dance party! Dance until it's midnight (or noon if you are celebrating it at noon instead)! If your kids like dressing up, then try getting dressed up in fancy party attire!










Chinese New Year Quotes

As common in any festival or holiday, saying festive greetings and wishing well to others is in very good taste, particularly in the Chinese New Year. There are many common Chinese New Year greetings and sayings that most people repeat around this holiday season.

In China, there are dozens of beautiful Chinese New Year quotes that people may use to send as cards or messages, or to say out during a toast in the Chinese New Year reunion dinner.

Check out these 10 deep and meaningful Chinese New Year quotes that are bound to impress everyone, and show them that you care!

  1. "Wish New Year happiness all year four seasons always there."
    May the joy of New Year be with you throughout the year.

  2. "Wish you all of New Year dreams all become real."
    Hoping all your New Year dreams come true.

  3. "Four seasons at peace pass prosperous year."
    Wishing you four seasons of peace and a flourishing year.

  4. "Respectfully congratulate new joy, wish body fit, career thriving."
    Happy New Year, wishing you good health and success.

  5. "Give you my unending new blessings. Let them become our eternal friendship's new commemoration."
    I give you endless good wishes. Let them serve as fresh remembrance of our eternal friendship.

  6. "New Year is this beautiful time: stove fire flaming, stove fire flaming, flowers fragrant, strong wine floating scent, earnest well wishes, beautiful memories, conjugal love daily renews. Even if not have everything, just need to have love then enough."
    New Year is such a wonderful time: the scent of flowers and wine, deep words, fond memories, and strengthened bonds. But even without all of it, as long as we have love it's enough. (*A great wish for a loved-one or partner)

  7. "Wish bright festive New Year candlelight soft all year through every day day night night."
    May the bright glow of the New Year candle warm your days the whole year through.

  8. "At this joyful period give you my true blessing and cordial thoughts, wishing you this year's New Year compared to last year more bright."
    In the season of joy, I present my sincerest wishes and kindest thoughts. May this new year outshine the previous ones.

  9. "Five grains abundant harvest, big wealth big honor, luck as you wish, wind harmonious rain favorable."
    五谷丰收, 大富大贵。 吉祥如意, 风调雨顺。
    Successful harvest of the grain, with great prosperity and earnings. Good fortune as desired, with timely wind and rain. (*A common wish for farmers)


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