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Family Portrait

Parent Resources


Application and forms

We assist to fill out various applications and forms, including but not limited to:

  • Disability Tax Credit (T2201)

  • Assistance for Children with Severe Disability (ACSD)

  • Special Services at Home (SSAH)

  • Childcare Subsidy form

  • ACCESS 2

  • President Choice

  • Jennifer Ashley

  • Autism in Motion

  • Autism Ontario Fund

  • Welcome Policy


Family Consultation

We are open to any parents who have concerns about their children. (Please call our office to book an appointment) ((647) 699-8416 / 647-978-8416)

We provide:

  •  1-on-1 family consultations to various stages of family situations related to disabilities.

  •  professional suggestions for family difficulties, assist in filling out government funding forms, and advise taxation and financial planning.

  •  help to deal with stress management, attend meetings in schools, other agencies, advocate on behalf of families, etc.


Group Portrait

Parent Support Group

This is a unique parent support group for all families affected by ASD. It's an opportunity for parents and caregivers to support one another by listening and sharing their own stories and experiences. It's a safe place for you to work through issues you're worrying about and find some support.

Parents with Newborn Baby

Parent Training Workshops

A 10-week program where parents participate in workshops and are trained in various skills such as floortime and ABA. It allows parents to better communicate and care for their children.

Therapy session

Stress Management Program

Parents of children with special needs are experiencing a high volume of stress. To help them reduce their tension and symptoms of depression, they can attend our 2-hour group workshop, followed by an 8-week Stress Management program.

Parents and Child

Parent ABA Training

This course provides a foundation of basic concepts and core principles in applied behavior analysis. You will gain an understanding of the historical, conceptual, and philosophical assumptions that form the basis of applied behavior analysis.

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