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Children Reading the Holy Bible

Solo Exhibition
April 7

Gifted People Services is pleased to invite you to join Jayden Chen's Solo Exhibition at Prometheus Art Centre on April 7th, 2024. 

Jayden Chen is autistic and is now 10 years old. He has a good visual mind and loves to draw. This exhibition includes Jayden's paintings at different ages. We hope that through this exhibition, more people can understand autistic children, recognize and understand that they are also geniuses in a certain field, and hope that more people can join the group to help autistic children and develop their talents.

Musical Charity Concert
April 12

April 2nd, 2024 is the 17th World Autism Awareness Day.  Gifted People Services hosted the musical Charity concert, and we hope to use our love and music as a medium to call people's attention and raise awareness to the autistic group, and bring more love, inclusiveness, and support to this special group. 
Music performances will include People with Autism, and Pickering High School's Jazz Combo. The audience is expected to be about 200 people, including students and parents of the center, and our friends from various fields who have been supporting our center and cared about autism groups for a long time.


Charity Gala
April 21

Gifted People Services will hold a large-scale charity gala performance for the April Autism Awareness Month series. On April 21, different groups from all walks of life were invited to contribute a rich performance to everyone. The program content includes chorus, group dance, cross talk, talk show, recitation, solo singing, etc. Let us use music, dance, and drama to speak out for the autistic group and light up the stars of their lives. We call on all sectors of society to work together to support autism awareness and create more opportunities and resources for this special group.

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