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 Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP):

Description: ODSP provides financial assistance and other supports for individuals with disabilities in Ontario who have substantial limitations in their daily activities.

Benefits: Monthly income support, prescription drug coverage, dental services, vision care, mobility devices, assistive devices, employment supports, and housing benefits.

Reference: Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services - ODSP (

Canada Pension Plan Disability (CPP-D):

Description: CPP-D provides financial assistance to individuals with severe and prolonged disabilities who have contributed to the Canada Pension Plan.

Benefits: Monthly disability benefits, survivor benefits, and dependent children benefits.

Reference: Government of Canada - Canada Pension Plan Disability ( benefit.html)

Special Services at Home (SSAH):

Description: SSAH provides funding to support families who have children with developmental or physical disabilities living at home.

Benefits: Funding for respite services, caregiver relief, and assistance with activities of daily living.

Reference: Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services - SSAH ( al/index.aspx)

Assistive Devices Program (ADP):

Description: ADP helps individuals with long-term disabilities access funding for assistive devices, mobility aids, and supplies.

Benefits: Financial assistance for the purchase or repair of assistive devices such as wheelchairs, hearing aids, prosthetics, and orthotics.

Reference: Ontario Ministry of Health - Assistive Devices Program (

Employment Supports:

Description: Various employment supports and programs are available to help individuals with disabilities find and maintain employment.

Benefits: Job placement services, vocational training, skills development, workplace accommodations, and financial incentives.

Reference: Ontario Disability Employment Network - Programs and Services (

Charities :


1. March of Dimes Canada: A charitable organization that offers a wide range of programs and services to enhance the independence and community participation of people with disabilities. Website:


2. Community Living Ontario: A non-profit organization that promotes and supports the full inclusion and citizenship of people with intellectual disabilities. Website:


3. Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA): CMHA branches across Ontario provide services and support for individuals with mental health challenges, including advocacy, housing, and community programs. Website:


4. Geneva Centre for Autism: A non-profit organization that provides clinical services, training, and support for individuals with Autism spectrum disorder and their families. Website:


5. Reach Canada: An organization that offers legal support and information for individuals with disabilities, with a focus on removing barriers and promoting access to justice. Website:


6. Epilepsy Ontario: A network of local epilepsy agencies in Ontario that provides education, support, and advocacy for individuals with epilepsy and their families. Website:


7. Muscular Dystrophy Canada: A national organization that supports individuals and families affected by muscular dystrophy and related neuromuscular disorders. Website:


8. Spinal Cord Injury Ontario: A charity that provides support, resources, and advocacy for individuals living with spinal cord injuries and their families. Website:


9. Ontario Brain Injury Association (OBIA): An organization that offers support, resources, and education for individuals with acquired brain injuries and their caregivers. Website:


10. Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario (LDAO): LDAO provides resources, advocacy, and support for individuals with learning disabilities and attention- deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in Ontario. Website:

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