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Certification for Professional ABA 101

In our ABA 101 course, you will learn how to develop and implement intervention, based on Applied Behaviour Analysis to effectively teach, and help children with autism, special needs, or other developmental disorders. In each class, we discuss individual issues related to starting and conducting treatment in a simple and friendly way. We also explain basic terms related to the behavior analysis

approach, including a glossary of terms and recommended literature. You do not need to have general knowledge of psychology to participate in our courses. The classes are prepared in such a way that every person interested in helping people with autism can successfully implement treatment.

Start now and learn how to treat Autism.

Certification for Professional ABA 201

ABA 201 prepares students to become Instructor Therapists, overseeing the educational and behavioral programming of individuals with autism and other diagnoses.

Students will gain knowledge of topics such as reinforcement, errorless teaching procedures, how to do assessments, etc. With this background, students are prepared to address the most complex behavior problems and learning challenges.

Certification for Professional ABA 201.jpeg
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