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Gifted People Services (G.P.S.) is a registered non-profit, grassroots organization. Founded in 2012 by a mother of a child with Autism and global developmental delay, founder and executive director Dianna Jiang recognized how important it was to have various supports before and after the diagnosis of a developmental disability. GPS’ core belief is that individuals with special needs are gifted and unique. Individuals with special needs deserve to enjoy life to the fullest. GPS was thus built on serving the families with special needs in our community, helping them discover and foster their child’s interests and skills along the way.

Gifted People Services provides quality services, professional support, and related resources to both Canadians affected by Delvelopal Delay and their families. Canadians with special needs served by us include Autism, Downs syndrome, cerebral palsy, ADHD, epilepsy, learning disabilities, selective aphasia, and other developmental delays. Since its establishment, the center has served over 1000 families. By giving parents correct guidance, reducing the pressure of diagnosis, and exploring the special skills of disabled children, enhancing their independent living ability, to improve the overall quality of life of the family. We provide free parent consultation, help in filling government subsidy applications, decompression courses, and various lectures; many children have achieved remarkable results.

We strive to help families navigate through the challenges that come with a developmental disability and to find specific solutions for their children. Our goal is to be the leading GPS for families with special needs!

Our Mission

 We empower these families with knowledge and advocacy skills, helping them to enjoy life to the fullest.

Our Vision

Families who are touched by developmental disability will have lives as rich and happy as families who aren’t.

Our Values and Beliefs


Knowledge gives us the power to help our gifted children live happy, productive lives.



Every person with a developmental disability is unique and has his or her own special talent.


We are stronger together. One step at a time, we can make miracles happen.



My name is Dianna Jiang, the Founder of Gifted People Services. We believe that everyone is gifted including people with special needs. We devote ourselves to working with individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to discover their unique talents & skills and utilize special training methods to develop those potentials. I have a daughter who has a Global Developmental Delay and Autism Spectrum Disorder. I know how hard life is and how important it is for a parent to have various supports both before and after diagnosis. To address this issue I created this organization in August 2012 to be a real G.P.S. service for other families in need - to provide various services and help parents to navigate through challenges to find better solutions for their children. Parents helping parents. Gifted People Services is a safe home for parents and individuals with special needs to share, laugh, cry, learn, and grow.

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