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Gifted People Services (G.P.S)  is pleased to offer flexible and affordable IBI and ABA programs to Canadians who have Developmental Disabilities. We attempt to redirect or correct any skill gaps and deficits identified during the assessment phase and reduce challenging behaviors.

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is a method of analysis and implementation steps that is devoted to improving behavior habits.  These behavioral methods are scientifically based and build upon existing profiles while reducing any problematic profiles.  It focuses on better personal, interpersonal, and academic skills, as well as providing self-help tools and socialization skills. ABA treatments are less intensive and require fewer service hours. 

Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) is an effective method of treatment.  The intensive and comprehensive delivery of this treatment is guided by the clinical application of the learning principles and teaching strategies of ABA. Such an intense treatment strategy primarily should start early in the child’s youth, typically before the age of 4. The primary goal is to adjust behavior trajectory to ensure the child can be put on the correct path to developing functional communication, social and playtime skills, as well as pre-academic and self-care skills. Compared to ABA, IBI is more intense, 20-25 hours a week is typical.  IBI sessions can also be run in either an one-to-one or within a group.



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