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1. Job Placement Services:

 Description: Job placement services connect individuals with disabilities to employment opportunities based on their skills, interests, and abilities.

 Services: Vocational assessments, job matching, resume and cover letter assistance, interview preparation, and job application support.

 Example Program: JobStart (


2. Job Coaching and Supported Employment:

 Description: Job coaching programs provide on-the-job support and guidance to individuals with disabilities to ensure successful integration and job retention.

 Services Provided: On-the-job training, workplace accommodations, task-specific coaching, advocacy, and ongoing support.

 Example Program: Partners for Workplace Inclusion Program (


3. Skills Development and Training Programs:

 Description: Skills development programs focus on enhancing job-related skills and providing training opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

 Services Provided: Job-specific training, workshops, certification programs, and skills upgrading.

 Example Program: Skills Training for Employment Program (STEP) (


4. Supported Entrepreneurship Programs:

 Description: Supported entrepreneurship programs assist individuals with disabilities in starting and running their own businesses.

 Services Provided: Business planning, mentorship, access to resources and funding, marketing support, and ongoing guidance.

 Example Program: Entrepreneurship Connections (


5. Job Fairs and Networking Events:

 Description: Job fairs and networking events provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities to connect with employers and explore job openings.

 Services Provided: Job fair events, networking sessions, resume distribution, and employer engagement.

 Example Program: Hire for Talent (


6. Online Job Portals and Resources:

 Description: Online job portals and resources specifically cater to individuals with disabilities, listing job openings and providing employment-related information.

 Services Provided: Job listings, resume posting, career advice, and disability-friendly employers.

 Example Program: Ability First (

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