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Housing Program

 Accessible Housing Information and Resources:

o Provide information and resources on accessible housing options for seniors with disabilities.

o Create a database or directory of accessible housing units, including information on accessibility features, location, and availability.

 Home Modification Assistance:

o Develop a program that offers financial assistance or grants to seniors with disabilities for home modifications to enhance accessibility and accommodate their specific needs.

o Provide support in identifying appropriate modifications, obtaining cost estimates, and coordinating the implementation of modifications.

 Transitional Housing:

o Establish transitional housing programs that offer temporary accommodation and support services for seniors with disabilities who are in transition, such as those moving from hospital to home or undergoing renovations.

o These programs can provide a safe and accessible environment while seniors navigate housing challenges.

 Housing Support Navigators:

o Employ housing support navigators or social workers who specialize in assisting seniors with disabilities in finding suitable housing options.

o These professionals can provide personalized guidance, help with housing applications, and connect seniors with relevant resources and services.

 Independent Living Support:

o Develop programs that offer support and resources to help seniors with disabilities live independently in their own homes or apartments. o Provide assistance with daily living activities, such as personal care, meal preparation, housekeeping, and transportation.

 Affordable Housing Initiatives:

o Collaborate with housing providers and community organizations to create affordable housing options specifically designed for seniors with disabilities.

o Advocate for policies that prioritize accessibility features and affordability for this demographic.

 Housing Education and Workshops:

o Offer workshops and educational sessions on housing-related topics for seniors with disabilities.

o Topics can include rights and responsibilities of tenants, navigating the housing market, understanding lease agreements, and managing finances related to housing.

 Shared Housing Programs:

o Facilitate shared housing programs where seniors with disabilities can connect with compatible housemates to share housing costs and support each other.

o Provide guidance and assistance in finding suitable housemates and establishing shared living arrangements.

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