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Multicultural Event 


Global Diversity Embrace

Ms. Jiang, the founder of Gifted People Services, mentioned that the employees at Gifted People Services come from more than ten different countries, reflecting the center's emphasis on and support for multiculturalism.


Rhythmic Canada Celebration

This multicultural festival received strong support from the Canada Day Drumming organization, which provided 300 rattles for the event and distributed them to all participants on site. At the beginning of the event, the waist drum team led the audience, and more than 300 people beat gongs and drums together to celebrate Canada's 157th birthday in a unique way.


Wonderful singing and dancing events

Golden Years "Love Moon"
Yue Zhi Sheng Duo "Meeting in Aobao"
Yuanhang Art Troupe Xinjiang Dance "Dream Back to Tianshan"

EDU Dance Academy  

"Can't stop the feeling"

Multi-ethnic food and art stalls

The event featured more than ten stalls showcasing ethnic foods, handicrafts, and tea cultures. The bustling venue was filled with people joyfully sampling a variety of local delicacies, creating a delightful feast for both the taste buds and the eyes.


Jianbing Guozi

Gifted People Services sincerely invites all community residents and people from various sectors to participate in the Multicultural Festival, celebrating the beauty and unity of diverse cultures.

No matter what cultural background you come from, you will find a sense of belonging and joy at this festival. We call on everyone to join hands in building a more diverse, inclusive, and thriving community!

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