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Augest 17, 2024 

2:00pm - 4:00 pm

Richmond Green Park 1300 Elgin Mills Rd E, Richmond Hill, ON L4S 1M5 


One Heart Beat (OHB) is a global movement of love, hope and harmony that seeks to provide love, help, hope and harmony to our world and global family. The United Nations is a global partner of OHB and Canada is a supporting country of OHB.

On August 17, 2024, the One Heart Beat March Richmond Hill (OHBmRH) will take place, led by Mayor David West and MP Leah Taylor Roy. This charity march supports OHB's global mandates:

1)Helping the Suffering and Needy Children and People of the World

2)Preserving and Saving Our Global Environment

3)Fighting Global Sickness and Fulfilling the Medical Needs of Our Global Family

4)Supporting Art and Culture Globally and Locally

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Gifted Services is proud to partner with OHB on this noble initiative. We will leverage our expertise and resources to expand OHB’s impact and work together to spread love, hope and harmony. Through this partnership, we aim to bring tangible change to communities around the world, building a global family built on compassion and solidarity.

We invite you to join us on this extraordinary journey. Whether it's through volunteering, donating or spreading the word, your participation can make a big difference. Together we can create a world filled with love, hope and harmony.

Please select Community Matters Toronto as your beneficiary and the funds raised will be used to help children with disabilities.

After registration, you can receive a One Heart Beat t-shirt during the March.​ We look forward to seeing you on August 17, 2024.

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