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OverNight Camp


Summer Camp activitys

The address of the five-day summer camp is:

Fort Erie International Academy (FEIA) is a private school in the Niagara region. It is very famous for both academic and sports results. We will cooperate with them and will have comprehensive and safe facilities including: dormitories, cafeterias, indoor swimming pools, gyms, etc. .
Teacher team:
We will have a professional team of therapeutic teachers to organize and take charge of this activity so that children can enjoy the summer camp in a professional and safe environment.
Teacher-student ratio: 1:3
Activities include:
  Ice-breaking games, treasure hunt adventures, swimming sports;

🖼️Museum tour, safari tour;

🎨Handmade art classes, nature park walks

In this summer camp we will take the childrens to:

Fort Entire Railroad Museum

Railway museums are also an important part of local culture, reflecting local history and characteristics, and also have educational and economic significance. The museum records the development and technological progress of railways. Children can understand the important role of the development of railway transportation in social, economic and technological development.


Safari Niagara

Kids will see giraffes, hippos, and parrots, and have the opportunity to feed them. The sightseeing train will take everyone around the entire zoo and interact with the animals up close. There will also be amusement facilities and a water park for children to enjoy.

Starting Date and address

July 15-July 19, 2023 Monday to Friday 9am-4pm *Will return to Toronto on Friday afternoon 

Campus address: Fort Erie International Academy7 Tait Avenue, Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada L2A 0G1

Please Note

1. Accompanied by parents


Since the summer camp activities are from 9:00 to 4:00 every day, and after 4:00 to 9:00 the next day, the children will be fully accompanied by their parents, so this summer camp requires a guardian to accompany the children.

2. Round trip journey


Arrival: At 10am on Monday, July 15th, all participating parents and children must meet at the FEIA school. We will give you a map of the campus and give you a tour.

Departure: Summer camp will end on Friday afternoon and all members will leave at 2:00 pm on Friday, July 19th.

3. Course tuition


1. Funding can be used for summer camp courses. For details, please refer to the type of subsidy you need. If necessary, please consult the office.

2. The summer camp fee includes accommodation and three meals for one parent and child, museum tickets for the child, and travel expenses. (Additional members are subject to additional charges)

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