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STEAM Programs

Gifted People Services and Uplus Education will launch the STEAM Program in September! Broaden your child's learning areas and try new interests!
At present, the first class has officially started on September 16th. There are still parents inquiring. Considering the needs of more children, we have decided to open a second class~
-Courses include "Science, Mathematics, Computer Programming and English Speaking" etc.

Class schedule:

10 am-12 pm: Computer Programming
12 pm-12:30 pm: Lunch Break
12:30 pm-1 pm: Keva Building Block
1 pm-2 pm: Math
2 pm-3 pm: Science
3 pm-4 pm: English and Public Speaking

*The course schedule may be slightly different due to different ages and groups.

-This new course focuses on hands-on practice, cultivating students' interest in learning, and allowing students to understand and perceive multi-disciplinary knowledge in practice.

-STEAM courses guide students to master knowledge and skills thematically, and can be flexibly transferred and applied to solve real-world problems. They are comprehensive, interesting, experiential, situational, and cooperative, thereby training children's multi-faceted skills. capabilities. It is also the integrated cultivation of the innovative spirit and practical ability.

Curriculum planning
Shift from focusing on subjects to focusing on the curriculum as a whole (using integration strategies within subjects, between subjects, and between learning periods)

Transform from fragmented subject learning to systematic and holistic learning

The transformation from traditional classroom to “creation and individuality” courses

-Includes comprehensive course selection
-High time flexibility, half-day courses/full-day courses available

-Course starts from September 16th to December 17th, every Saturday and Sunday
-Funding can be used for courses

You can choose courses based on your child’s needs or interests

Interdisciplinary and comprehensive learning enriches children’s weekend activities~

Course price

Full-day course: $260/Day (10 am-4pm)

Half-day course: $130/Day (10 am-1pm/1 pm-4pm)

How to register for the course?

A: Please contact the Genius Service Center office

Tel: 647-6998416

This time, the Genius Service Center cooperated with U Plus Education to prepare rich course content, to stimulate children's curiosity, cultivating children's thinking, and enabling children to both think about problems and exercise their ability to solve problems.

No matter which course you are interested in, please contact us!

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