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Kenny Dai


is a boy who has severe Autism. He is very active and has many behavior problems.  He was diagnosed at 4 years old. His mom tried many therapies, such as ABA, IBI, Floortime, Acupuncture, etc. He came to our center in January 2013. His mom told us Kenny has no interest in anything. We found out that he was very interested in music. We decided to teach him the keyboard and his mother thought Kenny wouldn't like it. In the first class,
he was using one finger to play the keyboard. From the third class, he could spread his fingers apart but lifted his hand after. From the fifth class, he was able to rotate his fingers and made sounds. 3 months later, he could play simple songs with both hands. The most amazing thing was that we didn't need the instruction for his left hand, he came up with his own and it went with his right hand nicely.

Sophia Qian

is a beautiful little girl who has been diagnosed with severe Autism and global developmental delay. Her intelligence is that of a 3-year-old. She is non-verbal but can understand basic instructions. Because of the challenges Sophia faces, it took much longer than usual for her to learn these simple skills:

Three months to point using her index finger
One year to spoon-feed herself
One and a half years to swim at a basic level
Two years to be toilet trained
10 years to say “Mama”

Kenny and Sophia’s stories are not unique.
We have more than 1000 children in our center that face similar challenges.

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