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Girls Talking

Social interactions, whether through friendship or classroom dynamics, are a vital part of the development and growth of children. For children with special needs, it is important to let them explore social interactions in a safe and engaging space. 

Making and building new friendships and interacting with peers can help enhance children's self-confidence. Whether you want your children to improve their expression skills, comprehension skills, communication skills, or social skills, you can gain something in social group activities. Social skill groups give children the opportunity to explore, problem-solve, and build their self-esteem. 

Some children need more help with social skills. Our social skills group, on Saturday, can help children consistently develop appropriate social skills. This is not only to improve their independence but also to help them integrate into society in the future.

Program features:

  • Learning and communicating

  • Practicing sharing and refusal

  • Improving team cooperation

  • Anger management skills

  • How to deal with conflicts



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