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Ice Skates

One-on-One Ice Skating

Winter 2024, registration forthe new skating program !

We received a lot of feedback from parents and witnessed the growth of many children in the last skating session! With all the anticipation, our team will be more experienced and prepared this time!

The management and coaching team of the skating program will continue to provide more professional and better services for children with special needs!

The new skating program will be divided according to the different characteristics of each child and the acceptance and ability of ice sports.  After the assessment, targeted to give the most effective help, the children will have more fun, progress faster, and hopefully we will be able to open a door for each child, leading them into a new world!



Skating lessons are tailored to each child's situation and sport. Whether you have never tried ice skating before, are already a beginner, or you can skate freely but want to master more skills, we will customize our approach so that your child learns effectively and has fun on the ice.


In order to meet the needs of different children, this program is a one-on-one program where the instructor will be on hand to help the child progress faster. For students with no previous ice experience, a Pre level is available for a first experience on the ice.


Teamwork teachers are all professional skating coaches with rich teaching experience. The professional and spacious skating venue ensures that students have a good place to practice skating. In addition, the teaching venue is equipped with advanced skating equipment and protective measures to ensure the safety of students.


About the Coach

This course will start with a regular instructor except for special circumstances, to ensure that the child and the instructor establish a long-term teaching relationship.


To ensure the safety of the students, each student must wear a CSA certified helmet, or additional protective gear if available.


Course Details

Course Dates

Sunday, October 29, 2023 Beginning Sunday and ending December 17th.

This session will consist of 8 consecutive classes, each class Ice 50 minutes.

Course Time

Every Sunday 2:45-3:35pm and 3:45-4:35pm;

(The middle gap time is for getting on and off the ice to ensure order and safety)

All enrolled students are required to sign a waiver before the official class;

Students need to bring their own formal professional helmets and protective gear.  If you do not have them, please contact us;

Students need to reach the ice rink in advance, wearing protective gear and helmets, in order to ensure that the beginning of the course can be on the ice.

*If you want to let your child try the lesson, or your child is Low Functioning and wants to simply play on the ice, you are very welcome to enroll in our Pre-Level course.  Our teachers are very patient and willing to work with the children.  You can let the children start with the simple movements to learn, and gradually enjoy skating~!

*Eligible students have the opportunity to use Funding to pay for tuition. Please contact Gifted People Services directly for questions about Funding. Please also contact the Gifted People Services if you need to take time off work for special circumstances.


Canlan Sports: 159 Dynamic Dr, Scarborough, ON M1V 5L8


Registration Methods

For enrollment, tuition, payment, and Funding related questions, please contact the Gifted People Services office.

Office phone number: 647-699-8416

For skating program details, please contact the director directly
Mia at
Phone: 647-8866418

For any questions about skating and to join the group chat, please contact the office.

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